Van Tyres

Every road vehicle has its essential elements which they really cannot do without. An important part of any vehicle is the tyres. If the tyres aren’t right and maintained then this will without a doubt affect your vehicle’s road worthiness.

With every journey you take, the tyres are one of the first things to be affected and with them hitting the road on a day to day basis, they can wear easily enough. That being said, there a certain vehicles whose tyres feel the pressure in a much greater sense. Van tyres, for example, face the roads in all kinds of weather conditions and more often than not be loaded up with goods and products, so as a result even more pressure is put on these van tyres.

In addition to this, these kinds of tyres can be subjected to short journeys or long ones which require the van to stop and start continually, as well as having very different types of journeys to make, whether along a windy country road or in the busiest UK cities.

Furthermore, vans will be used to make journeys in all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, van tyres are likey to wear considerably more so than car tyres, so they must be strong. It is imperative that the right tyres are chosen for the van. In choosing the right tyres, there will be a definite improvement in the safety and handling of the vehicle, as well as a reduction in cost due to a lower fuel consumption.

There are a number of different types of vehicles that use these tyres marked for vans including caravans, transit vans and motor homes. Therefore, when choosing the best tyres for your vehicle, it is essential that you keep what type of vehicle you will be needing the tyres for, as there are tyres for every different vehicle.

Looking after your van tyres

This is paramount to driving safely as well as keeping the costs down. If you look after your tyres properly then you can assure yourself that your vehicle is more than safe to make the next journey.

If you are using your van more than you usually would be with another vehicle, then it goes without saying that you need to keep in better check of your vehicle. If you’re not sure about all the things you need to look at when checking your tyres, then why not pop along to your garage and ask them to check the tyres out for you?

Van Tyres

Even if you work throughout the week and on a Saturday, then you could always pop along on the Sunday, ready for taking the van back out on the Monday. One thing that you should be aware of is that depending on how heavy the load is in your van, this will automatically change the pressure of the tyres.

Finding the best van tyres

Van tyres vary in both efficiency and price. Obviously to have the ultimate best, this will cost a little more. These tyres come with extra strengthening suitable for dealing with heavier loads than traditional cars. In order to find the best van tyres for your motoring needs, the tyres will firstly be tested against a number of things, such as, wet braking, dry braking, wet handling, dry handling, cornering in different weather conditions, aquaplaning and cost.

Like car tyres, van tyres also come in a wide range of types and sizes in order to meet every type of van owner’s needs, whether you are looking for tyres for a heavy load van, light commercial use van, motor home or a transporter.

When to get my tyres changed

This is exactly the same for vans as it is for cars and other vehicles. You’ll know when to get your tyres changed for your van when you feel that the van has less of a grip on the road when braking for example. If the braking distance has become noticeably increased, then they are due for a change. Again, if you are unsure then pop along to the garage asap to get them checked.

What about Winter tyres?

Winter tyres are highly recommended for your van as they give you that extra safety than the standard tyres when it comes to driving in the adverse weather conditions associated with the winter months. Winter tyres contain rubber which is much less affected by the cold winter temperatures. They also are made with more grooves which add to the braking efficiency of your van.

When can I get my van tyres changed?

You can get your tyres changed when the time is most convenient for you. If you feel that your tyres need to be checked or changed but don’t have the time during the week to do so, then take a few minutes out of your Sunday and do it then. Remember, it’ll take just ten minutes to check your tyres and not much longer to have them taken off and replaced if necessary.