Tyre Garages Open on Sunday

Need new tyres on Sunday? Need to change a tyre on Sunday?

Tyre garages open on Sunday may stock a vast range of tyres including Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Uniroyal and Dunlop. Tyre garages open on Sunday may offer a range of opening hours and special offers, so always check. Always phone ahead to make sure the tyre that you need is in stock.

tyre garages open on sunday

Tyre Information

A tyre covers the wheel rims to protect it and to enable better vehicle performance. This is achieved mainly by providing traction between the vehicle and the road, whilst giving shock absorbing properties with compressed air. The tyre tread is the pattern of geometrical shape consisting of grooves, lugs, voids and sipes.

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Treads are designed to meet specific issues, for example:

  • High performance tyres have small void ratios and softer rubber to give a higher traction, but wear out quickly.
  • Mud and snow tyres have higher void ratios to channel away rain and mud, with a good grip.
  • Noise reduction tyres can be achieved by using different tread patterns.
  • Smoother ride tyres.
  • General purpose tyres / all-purpose tyres / all-weather tyres are available but specialist tyres are better when being used in specialist or extreme conditions.


Lugs are the portion of the tyre tread designed to make contact with the road surface for traction. During rotation the lugs compress, deform and then recover their original shape.


Grooves known as rain grooves, run circumferentially around the tyre, and are needed to channel away water from the footprint.  Lorry tyres are usually circumferential.  High performance car tyres have grooves that are angled from the center toward the sides of the tyres.


Voids provide space for the lug to flex and deform as it enters and exits the footprint. Voids provide routes for water, mud and snow to be channeled away from the footprint.  A low void tyre will have a higher contact area and therefore offer more traction on a clean, dry road.


Sipes are valleys cut across the tyre, usually perpendicular to the grooves.  This allows water from the grooves to run to the sides, thus reducing the possibility of hydroplaning (sliding on water).  Testing of identical siped and unsiped tyres has shown better snow traction and ice braking performance,  however siped tyres have revealed diminishing and extended braking distances on wet and dry roads by a few feet.  Off-road vehicles use siped tyres for greater traction.

tyre garages open on sunday

Wear bars / Wear Indicators

Wear bars or wear indicators are raised rubber indicators at the bottom of the tread grooves that indicate when the tyre has reached its limit and need replacing.  This can be seen when the tread lugs are worn out so that the wear bars connect across the lugs.  Most wear bars indicate a remaining tread depth of 1.6 mm (0.063 in).  If your tyre reaches this level it is classed as “worn out” and will need to be replaced.

Retread / Rebuff / Remanufactured

Worn out tyres can be re-manufactured to replace the worn tread. This is known as retreading or recapping, a process of removing the worn tread and applying a new tread.   The cost of replacing the tread is less than the price of a new tyre.   However, retreading passenger tyres is usually less economical because the cost of retreading is high compared to the price of new cheap tyres, but favorable compared to high-end brands.  In most situations, retread tyres can be driven under the same conditions and at the same speeds as new tyres with no loss in safety or comfort.

Air Pressure / Tyre Pressure

Air pressure is very important.  Not maintaining proper air pressure on a regular basis, for example overinflated, underinflated, or mismatched to the other tyre on a set of duals, then the tyre will be prone to fail more readily.

Tyre Garages Open on Sunday – Important Information

Always ring ahead and check that the tyre garage open on Sunday that you have chosen is open and has the tyres you need.

If you know of anywhere that is open on a Sunday, please tell us.

If the information we have is not accurate, please tell us.

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