Post Office Open on Sunday

All about a Post Office open on Sunday

A Post Office open on Sunday is a centre for a wide range of everyday needs. According to their own publicity, 92% of all adults in the UK visited a local branch in the last 12 months, and all social classes and ages use their facilities.

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What can a Post office open on Sunday offer?

They are centres for all mailing requirements, and sell an extensive range of postal and office supplies. From small white envelopes to padded boxes, the Post Office can cover all mailing needs. Not only that, but it has access to any postal delivery method that you will require. With the Post Office’s wide network of international contacts, it is possible to send any item to any part of the world in complete safety.

There are many different alternatives for this, a simple stamp for the less important letters, to guaranteed and signed for deliveries worldwide. In addition to this, sending money to all countries is a simple undertaking, as the Post Office has several different ways of either transferring money or making international payments.

Advice stemming from years of responsibility for the nation’s mail is also readily available, from how to address mail and get the best value from your postage, to what to do about lost or damaged mail, to what items are prohibited and restricted items.

A Post Office open on Sunday now means that these services are available 7 days a week. As many of the country’s Post Offices are linked to a mail sorting house too, it is an easy matter to redirect any mail, collect any undelivered parcels and make any returns of items delivered in error.

Post Office open on Sunday

Other Benefits to a post office open on Sunday

They are also hubs for Government services. They cash pensions, family allowances and many other benefit cheques. You can also have your passport application checked before sending it off, meaning that the long wait for your new passport is not wasted by small errors. It is also the cheapest place on the market to buy foreign currencies, as they charge 0% commission on all their foreign currency transactions.

A Post Office open on Sunday also means that everyone has time to make sure of the best deal. The added convenience of the local branch makes it the easiest option for your holiday cash. You can use the Post Office website to check for airport hotel deals, car hire at your destination, and airport parking. It also offers travel insurance.

European services offered by a Post Office open on Sunday

A post office open on Sunday also allows you to get the forms for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), enabling you to use European hospitals, free of charge, and for your international driving licence. Making it a genuine one-stop shop for your pre-travel needs. With the Post Office open on Sunday, it is also extremely easy to find the time in the week to use it.

More than this, the larger branches are the places to buy car tax and to renew licences. Opening hours changing to make the post office even more accessible, means that they are the only face to face government department that is available 7 days a week. There is always the possibility of using online services, but if you need to speak to someone personally and not on the phone, the new times mean that the Post Office is available to you.

Around 99% of the population are within 3 miles of a Post Office, so this makes it the most accessible of all government hubs. Not only is the Post Office available for government services, it also provides essential services for over 300 local authorities, including the ability to pay council tax and rent using cards and vouchers issued by Santander.

Extras sold by a Post Office open on Sunday

Selected Post Offices up and down the country also sell meals on wheels vouchers. It should also be noted that for those living in the Borough of Westminster, the number of services are much broader, thanks to a contract between the Post Office and Westminster Council. The Post Office open on Sunday will make this an even more convenient service.

Post office open on Sunday

Post Office open on Sunday is a bank alternative.

The Post Office has also established itself as a bank, and offers all the banking services one requires. It offers the usual accounts; a savings account and a free current account with all the necessary attributes, such as withdrawing and paying in money, and bill payments and money transfers. A Post Office open on Sunday also has facilities to offer business banking, which can be extremely convenient for businesses with a great deal of mailing to do, and furthermore, offers a credit card with no annual fee. On top of that, it provides loans and mortgages.

With the Post Office open on Sunday, all these services are available over the weekend at times more suitable to everyone, especially those who are at work during normal office hours. This makes it the only high street bank with Sunday opening hours. This is a potentially huge deal for those who want a more personalised, convenient and local service.

A post office open on Sunday offers budget cards

It has also stayed true to its origins in the community, by offering a budget card and a Christmas club card. Both of these are pre payments cards to cover the cost of big events such as unexpected bills, or presents, and spread costs over the whole year. These can be used at 17,000 outlets throughout the UK or can be taken into the branch and used to pay bills and services.

Post Office Insurance

As befits a modern finance hub, the Post Office offers all kinds of insurance. You can get life insurance, with special deals for the over 50s, home insurance, and even new parent cover. It also offers car, motor bike or van insurance. You can get your vehicle tax and insurance in the same place as you renew your photo licence.

As befits a business that covers so much of the general population, there are special deals for different sectors of the population, such as international visitors or young people. The business insurance too covers a wide variety of circumstances from shopkeepers to self employed sole traders, to insurance for landlords.

Post Office open on Sunday offers electrical goods

Recently too, the Post Office has branched into providing broadband and phone contracts. With several deals linking the two products, it is a genuine rival for other more commonly used brands. It also has several add on packages to reduce the price of phoning mobiles and you can top up your mobile there too.

They even have a range of affordable computers and computing supplies for sale. Now that Britain has the Post Office open on Sunday, they are even more accessible to the working population, who previously had to give up lunch hours to use their facilities.

The Post Office also provides other services for the complicated modern world. It provides biometric residence permit, where foreign nationals can register their fingerprints, photograph and signature in response to the bar-coded biometric letter from the Home Office. This is a service that also allows the staff to capture your signature and photograph for forms such as Security Industry Authority Licence application.

The specially trained staff can also provide a document verification service, so that you can get photocopies verified for mortgages or new jobs. The Post Office also offers a service checking your Quality Care Commission (QCC) Criminal records Bureau (CRB) application.

An additional provision that the Post Office provides is the British Forces Standard and Special Delivery. This is a free service for personnel serving in the armed forces to any BFPO number. It takes a wide variety of sizes of parcel, and offers up to £100 compensation cover per parcel. It has to be said however that delivery times are between 2 and 12 weeks depending on the exact stationing of the unit. There are also special delivery options for more valuable items, but this has a cost attached depending on the cost of the items involved.

Post Office open on Sunday Commemorative Extras

Whilst most of the Post Office services are functional ones for years, they have also provided a cultural provision for thousands of people all around the world. The issuing of commemorative stamps and coins are keenly awaited by many collectors, and the themed collections, the royal family, Dr Who, the Great War and the Commonwealth Games, shows an involvement in the cultural life of Great Britain that is highly valued and even more highly anticipated.

Many of the first day covers have become extremely valuable, and the issuing of items in the collections are newsworthy events. All of these are available by order from your local Post Office. As well as all of the actual collections, there are many post related items for unusual presents such as a range featuring the Penny Black, Britain’s first stamp on wallets and aprons amongst other things. There is also a range of money boxes, mugs and pin badges decorated with Royal Mail post boxes and similar.

The Post Office open on Sunday is, for the majority of the population, an extra benefit as for most of its history, the Post Office was only open 5 and a half days a week. The decision to have the Post Office open on Sunday means that the huge variety of service that it offers are now available to an even wider range of people.