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The Advantages of Mobile Tyre Fitting

There are several circumstances when you may need to quickly change your tyre. You may be getting set to drive to your place of work only to discover that your tyre’s tread dept is critically low or you may be all set to leave for a long road voyage only to find out that someone has wrecked your tyres. Most worryingly, your tyres might fail you when you are on the road, needing a fast fix so you can be on your way. Even though there are some quick-fix alternatives which can help get you to where you want to, the finest option during an emergency is to contact a mobile tyre fitting company.

Usually, mobile tyre fitting firms operate in certain parts of the UK, having local knowledge which can be extremely beneficial if you find yourself stuck on a dirt road within the countryside or a country gravel road. Generally, these firms provide a round the clock service as well as fast call-out time, thus you will not be stuck for too long in your predicament.

Furthermore, these service providers usually offer a broad variety of tyres; therefore they will almost certainly have the kind of tyre you require whether you drive a sports car or a family saloon. In addition, their experience and great skill in changing tyres means they can resolve your issue fast, which is extremely important if you are stuck on a busy main road.

Calling a mobile tyre fitting firm offers an obvious benefit over other options you may have in mind. Several individuals drive about with a spare tyre in case of an emergency. Nevertheless, if you get a flat tyre while on the road, and you do not know how to change a tyre, then you may become very worried. Furthermore, if your spare tyre is a space saving type, then the spare will provide an inferior performance compared to a standard tyre. For this reason, mobile tyre fitting is a preferable alternative.

Some individuals choose to install run-flat tyres on their vehicles in order to avoid the likelihood of a sudden deflation. This way, they can continue driving even when they have a punctured tyre. Nevertheless, run-flat tyres will allow you to continue driving for approximately 90 kilometres only travelling at 80 km/h. This is of little help if you need to travel another 400 kilometres.

Additionally, a damaged run flat tyre can never perform as well as a standard tyre. This is why it is always best to contact a mobile tyre fitting company. The run flat tyres can help get you to a safe location, whilst a mobile tyre fitting service will ensure you are set for the remainder of your journey. On the whole, mobile tyre fitting services offer cost-effectiveness, safety and convenience benefits which make them a much better option compared to other conventional options.

Mobile Tyre fitting

Top Tips for Selecting a Mobile Tyre Fitting Service Provider

If you hire an unprofessional mobile tyre fitting company to resolve your tyre problem, it could have serious consequences in the future. You will obviously feel calm and safe if you had previously taken some time to find a dependable emergency tyre fitting company within your locality that will be handy whenever you have a tyre problem. This is because you know you can get assistance irrespective of the time of day and where you are located.

You will certainly need to engage the services of a mobile tyre fitting company however it will be an excellent move if you understand how the company operates, in addition to the quality and range of services they can offer you before you hire them.

To get quick response, the mobile tyre fitter you are considering may ask you to provide information about your tyre issues including the type, size, where you are located, and your payment method. When shopping for a mobile tyre fitting company, bear in mind that they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. Thus, it is extremely important that you carry out a thorough research regarding their business etiquette and professionalism and find out if you’re being charged correctly.

You should always beware of mobile tyre fitting companies that require an upfront payment for services. It is best to pay on locations; also you will not have to disclose your financial and personal information when sending payments over the internet. Since it is referred to as mobile tyre fitting service, the company you are considering should come to you rather than you going to the company.

If you select a mobile tyre fitting service that lacks adequate equipment and skilled professionals, you might end up getting poor services. Thus, before you settle for a particular service provider, make sure that they have qualified professionals who can resolve your tyre issues at any time and place. If you will be needing tyre replacement, you’ll want to select an emergency tyre fitting service provider that has no issues with providing a broad range of tyres at any time.

Additional Tips

* Compare companies and make sure you obtain several quotes.
* Ensure you get an upfront price quote.
* Visit the company’s website and read reviews left by previous customers.
* Always trust your gut instinct. If it does not feel right, consider hiring another firm.
* Before you pay, inspect the work done.

How Detrimental are Speed Humps and Potholes on your Tyres

Most drivers find potholes as well as speed humps to be an irritant however many do not think about the harm a hole or bump can cause to their vehicles. Tyres, especially, can seriously be damaged.

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Road repair and maintenance is an expensive proposition, and this is why there are still potholes in many UK roads. Sadly, at times routes with several or large potholes cannot be avoided however, as a driver; you should know that driving over a pothole can crack or damage tyres. This can result in great problems like bulging or deflation.

Since potholes can cause considerable damage to your vehicle’s tyres, you should always watch out for typical signs: dents, leaks, rusting, suspension failure, bulging tyres are all indications that driving over potholes has damaged a vehicle.


Most drivers also regard speed humps as no more than an irritation. Aside from forcing drivers to endure a rough ride, speed humps also worsen many of the problems that they’re meant to solve. For instance, speed humps in certain shapes are smoother to drive over faster. Also, speed humps can increase pollution and noise because when vehicles slow down to go over a hump, they usually accelerate once more afterwards.

Furthermore, even though speed humps are designed to retard speed in order to prevent accidents and other dangerous situations, distracting motorists by making them traverse high humps has been found to be more perilous in some instances. Additionally, speed humps can severely damage your vehicle, which means that individuals who reside in localities with lots of speed humps have higher vehicle maintenance costs.


Speed humps can cause considerable damage, especially to tyres. Humps most commonly damage the interior shoulders of vehicle tyres, and it is not always easy to detect such damage. What this means is that drivers might not even notice the problem and that can lead to a blowout, which could be very dangerous or fatal. Also, speed humps can damage road springs, steering and suspension.


If possible, the safest thing you can do is to avoid speed humps altogether by taking another route. However, if you cannot avoid going over speed humps, the best thing you can do is to have the inside of your tyres checked on a regular basis.

One thing to always keep in mind as a driver – if you suspect that damage has been done to your tyres after driving across a bumpy road, it is important that you visit a tyre replacement professional. You should contact a mobile tyre fitting expert to replace or fix a damaged tyre as soon as possible.


Below are some essential tyre care tips to help increase safety for your passengers, yourself as well as the occupants of other vehicles.


You should check your tyre’s pressure regularly. All tyres lose air pressure over time. Therefore, be sure to measure air pressure with the aid of a digital gauge or a pencil gauge every two weeks, and always before you embark on long road trips.

The owner’s manual usually contains inflation pressure information. This info can also be found on a sticker within the driver’s door. Cold tyre pressure checks provide the most precise readings. Thus, if your vehicle is hot, allow the vehicle to sit for some time before you check the air pressure.

Under-inflation of tyres can cause irregular wear as well as needless tyre stress, which can result in loss of control plus serious accidents. Under- inflation should be taken care of as quickly as possible by airing the tyres to the right pressure.


Regular rotation prolongs tyre life and promotes uniform, even wear. Most mobile tyre fitting experts recommend tyre rotation every five thousand to seven thousand miles. Usually, the owner’s manual contains particular recommendations for a specific model and make of tyre.

A vehicle can sometimes develop a shimmy, which manifests as a vibration of the steering wheel. This occurs due to out-of-balance tyres. Take your vehicle to a dealer once you notice this problem. Re-balancing the tyre is relatively simple and inexpensive.


At times, vehicles shake while driving. Running over a pothole or hitting a curb can push the front end of the wheels out of alignment, thus damaging the tyres. Uneven tread wear is also a sign of alignment problems. Have a dealer examine the alignment now and then, to prevent uneven tread wear on your tyres.


When shopping for tyres, it is recommended that you change the whole set at a time. Always buy the right tyres for the job, for example, high-performance summer tyres or winter snow tyres. You can also make do with all-season, general purpose tyres, depending on where you reside.


When inspecting your tyres, be sure to check the tread wear and depth. Hard wear reduces a tyre’s gripping ability in adverse weather conditions. When examining your vehicle’s tyres, look for sections that are curiously smooth, low or high. Look out for obvious damages also.

Lastly, make sure you regularly check the condition of your spare tyre, because you never know when you may require it.

How to Select the Appropriate Tyre for Your Car

Tyre selection is extremely important with regard to giving your vehicle the best. This decision directly reflects on the travelling comfort, the safety as well as the several miles you will be travelling in the coming years. Below are some tips to help you select the appropriate one.

* Condition of the Road – If you regularly travel on dirt roads, you’ll have to invest in superior quality tyres, because those which are designed for city roads can easily wear out within the countryside. Another threat to your vehicle’s tyres is black ice (transparent ice coating on a road surface). Choose tyres that give optimum traction on cold and wet road surfaces.

* Load Rating – The load capacity number located on the tyre-size code specifies the tyre’s load carrying capacity. When choosing replacement tyres, be careful so as not to choose a tyre with a lower load-carrying capacity.

* Type of Tyre

Each year, more SUV, light truck and car designs are introduced in the market. Consequently, tyre producers are responding with more specialised tyre designs. Bear in mind that for a given automobile, you can select anything from durable, long-wearing tyres to stylish, ultra high-performance tyres. The choice is yours to make.

* Speak with a professional – If you are not sure regarding which tyre brand or type is appropriate for your vehicle, you should consult your professional mobile tyre fitting service. They will be happy to advise you.