Emergency Plumber Croydon

More often than not, trying to call out emergency plumbers in Croydon, or emergency electricians, becomes a trial and error process, contacting any number of companies before one actually arrives.

Over the last 20 plus years, the UK educational system has been concentrating on the academic skills of students, pushing them toward college and university as a way of bettering themselves. For some this works well, and not so well for others. During this period many of the UK’s artisan trades have suffered, leading to a shortage of electricians, plumbers, bricklayers and the like.

 emergency plumber Croydon

What areas do Emergency Plumber Croydon cover:

Mention emergency plumbers in Croydon to most people and the usual retort is, ‘Why, have you got a leak?’ yet the plumbing trade covers a wide range of different skills. The fitting, maintaining, and repairing of cold and hot water systems in domestic, commercial, and industrial properties, along with full heating systems – make up a large proportion of a plumber’s everyday work. It’s also the area where most residents or property managers may, sooner or later, require the services of emergency plumber in Croydon.

Areas of Expertise:

• Finding and repairing faults in different systems.

• The servicing and repairing of different types of oil-fired, and gas heating systems, radiators, night store heaters and boilers.

• Fitting washing machines, showers, toilets, basins and other domestic appliances.

Why you may need the Services of Emergency Plumbers in Croydon:

With any of the above, should things go wrong it can be a potential emergency, requiring the services of a firm of emergency plumbers. Thankfully, having to wait for the repairing or replacing of some items may prove to be nothing more than an inconvenience. While others, especially burst water or heating pipes, requires the attendance of emergency plumbers in Croydon as fast as they can get there, if major damage is to be avoided.

Ways to Avoid the Need for an Emergency Plumber in Croydon:

Murphy’s Law will ensure that, the time you need a plumber in a hurry, will be the middle of the night, Saturday or Sunday, on a Bank Holiday, Christmas or New Year’s Day, or you receive a frantic phone call while you are on holiday. Although nobody can totally eliminate the need for emergency plumbers, there are ways to minimise the likelihood of having to call on their services.

We’ve all seen it in various cartoon films, but it happens more often than you think. If you are undertaking any DIY project, or you have a firm of builders carrying out any work in the house, ensure you, and they, are fully aware of any water or heating pipes hidden in walls. Otherwise that gush of water to the face could become an un-cartoon-like reality.

emergency plumber in Croydon

Lag your Water Pipes:

The possibility of old copper joints or plastic pipe-work springing a leak due to a surge in water pressure is ever present, especially in older properties. However, the winter period is usually a time when emergency plumbers in Croydon are at their busiest. Temperatures falling below freezing, and un-lagged water pipes, are a recipe for disaster.

Ensure all pipe-work and water tanks are effectively lagged, especially those in the roof space. Lengths of foam lagging, which fit snugly around the pipes, are the best insulation to purchase. Any water pipes affixed to outside walls, such as a garden tap, also require effective protection.

Keep the Loft Warm:

If you have loft insulation – if you haven’t get some – when temperatures are dropping below freezing, leave your loft hatch open. The heat from the house will help keep the loft temperature above freezing. Water, even in lagged pipes, if it gets cold enough, can still freeze.

During these cold periods, if you are away visiting friends or family, leave the heating on. Keeping the house temperature up, at least for a few hours a day, or through the night, will help prevent the pipes freezing.

You won’t know if you have a burst pipe while still in a big freeze. As temperatures slowly begin to climb, the thaw sets in, and that burst pipe begins to drip. If you’re not quick calling a firm of emergency plumbers, then that drip will soon become a torrent, resulting in collapsed ceilings and ruined furniture, fittings and fabrics.

Know where your Stop-cocks are:

With the above in mind, be sure you know where your stop-cocks are fitted. As a general rule the incoming mains stop-cock is fitted under the kitchen sink. However, you may also find one fitted to the incoming side of a water tank in the loft.

If you live in an older property, and can’t find any stop-cock within the house, check outside in the garden. Somewhere will be a small drain type cover. Often hinged, open it with a large screwdriver, or the water company’s stop-cock key. You should be able to see the incoming mains valve, usually a foot or so below ground.

Wherever the valves are fitted, gently try to close them, as you would a sink tap. If they won’t turn, don’t force them, you may start a leak. Contact a plumber, or the water company if it’s outside, and get the valve serviced or replaced. Knowing where your stop-cocks are, and being able to turn them off, can save a lot of water damage while waiting for a firm of emergency plumbers in Croydon.

Consider Shutting off your Water:

Many industrial and commercial businesses close down completely during the firm’s holiday periods, especially over the long Christmas/New Year holiday. If maintenance crews are not present, and nobody visits the unit or complex on a daily basis, then consider turning your water off from the outside mains valve.

Open a few sink taps and drain the system, ensuring no water is sitting in the pipe-work. After the holiday, especially if the temperature is close to, or below freezing, open the mains valve slowly. With somebody checking the pipe-work for leaks, allowing water to run through the sink taps will help reduce a water pressure surge as the pipe-work fills. Once the mains valve is open, the taps can be shut to allow normal water pressure in the pipes.

Emergency Plumbers:

The two most important things to remember are; know where your stop-cocks are, and make sure they work.

Go through your trade directory now, jot down the number of a couple of firms that employ emergency plumbers, and keep them close to your phone.

While we all hope we will never need the services of emergency plumbers in Croydon, the possibility is always there. As in the world of Boy Scouts, it’s always a good idea to ‘Be Prepared.’