Chemists open on Sunday

Finding chemists open on Sunday can be difficult. Online directories are a good place to start. Once you have found the address of a nearby chemist, link to the website of the chemist, if they have one, and you will be able to see what services they offer on Sundays. Chains of pharmacies such as Boots and Lloyds Pharmacies have their own online store locators that will tell you the opening times of the nearest store to you.


Smaller independent chemists in a given area are often organised into a rota system that ensures that at least one of them is open on Sundays. Local newspapers are an excellent place to search for information as they print the name and address of the emergency chemist open on Sundays, and also usually indicate the opening times. Another option is to use the NHS online website to find a local NHS pharmacy.

Opening times for Chemists on Sunday

Opening hours for chemists open on Sunday are often shorter than they would be during weekdays; typical Sunday opening hours are from 10.00 to 16.00. Check the opening times in an online directory that is updated regularly.

What services do chemists provide?

A local chemist open on Sunday can provide you with;

  • emergency medication.


  • over-the- counter medicines for coughs, colds, aches and pains.


  • contraceptives including the morning-after pill.


  • childcare essentials such as nappies, formula and jars of food.

As well as all the health and beauty products that are also sold on other days of the week. A pharmacist will be on duty to offer health advice and dispense your prescription medication.

What to do if you need access to medication outside of normal opening times

If you already have your prescription, try contacting the nearest chemist open on Sundays. You can usually find their address by searching the NHS pharmacy search directory.

If you need over-the-counter medication, your local chemist will be able to supply this, If they are not open, many all-night supermarkets and petrol stations have a range of products for treating minor health issues.

If you have run out of your prescription medication and do not have a prescription with you, a pharmacist may still be able to help you in an emergency. If you have any packaging take it with you, as this will assist the pharmacist to identify the correct dose. Before supplying you with the medication, he or she will interview you to find out the following information:

  • Whether you need the medication immediately.


  • That it is not possible for you to obtain a prescription in time for your next dose.


  • That you have previously been prescribed the medicine by a qualified medical practitioner.


  • What is the appropriate dose of the medication for you to take.

If the pharmacist is satisfied on all these requirements, he or she will be able to supply you with prescription-only medicine without a prescription. A charge will be made for the medicine supplied and for the pharmacist’s service.

How can the pharmacist help me?

As GP services and A&E departments at hospitals come under increasing pressure, especially during the winter months when coughs and flu are prevalent, government advice is to consult your local pharmacist for advice on minor health matters. People are often unaware of the services their local pharmacist can offer. You can request a consultation with the pharmacist at a local chemist; most have a consulting room away from the shop counter so you have privacy.

Chemists open on Sunday

Advice and support

As well as supplying an extensive range of over the counter medicines and other health and beauty products, chemists open on Sundays will have a pharmacist on duty to dispense prescription medications and offer health advice and support. Many people are unaware that their local pharmacist can offer help with alcohol support, sexual health and stopping smoking.

These services can help you to make changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle without the need to make an appointment to see your GP. You will not need an appointment to see the pharmacist, you can just drop in. Your pharmacist will not have access to your medical records so if you wish you can preserve your anonymity.

Advice on your medicines

The pharmacist at your local chemist is trained in the safe use of medicines and can offer advice on the correct dosage for you, what time to take the medicine, and whether it should be taken on an empty stomach or with food.

Medication review

Many patients have to take a number of different drugs for different conditions and it is possible for some drugs to conflict with others, thus negating their therapeutic effect. It is an excellent idea to request a review of your medication regularly; either your GP or a pharmacist can do this for you. At the pharmacy, you can ask for a Medicines Use Review or MUR. The pharmacist will discuss with you

  • How you are getting on with your medicines.


  • What you are taking and how you are taking it.


  • Any side-effects you may have noticed.

At the end of your consultation, the pharmacist will give you a printed copy of the review with any recommendations he or she makes, and a copy will be sent to your GP to be added to your medical record.

Help with common complaints

Chemists open on Sunday can offer advice and treatment for many common ailments, such as coughs, colds, cystitis, minor injuries, aches and pains and skin rashes. If you are suffering from one of these minor health problems, a visit to your chemist can save you having to make a doctor’s appointment. The pharmacist will offer advice on how to treat the condition, and you will be able to buy any over-the-counter medicine that is recommended. The pharmacist will also advise you if it is necessary for you to be seen by a doctor.

Help with sexual health

  • The pharmacist at your local chemist will be able to provide you with the morning-after pill. After a consultation with the pharmacist, you will be able to buy the morning-after pill over the counter, although some chemists provide it free through the NHS. It works for up to 72 hours after sex although the sooner you take it the more effective it is.


  • Chemists also sell pregnancy testing kits, and some pharmacies also offer a private area where you can use them.


  • The pharmacist will be able to advise you about chlamydia testing.


  • Chemists open on Sunday sell an extensive range of condoms and lubricants.

Needle exchange

Your local chemist may offer a needle and syringe exchange service.

Advice on healthy living

Pharmacy teams at some chemists open on Sunday can offer you healthy lifestyle advice that includes eating healthily, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and increasing physical activity. They can also monitor your blood pressure, and some offer healthy heart clinics providing advice and support to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle without needing to see your GP. However, patients with long-term conditions, such as diabetes, will still need to be checked by their GP on a regular basis. Chemists taking part in the NHS Stop Smoking Services scheme will provide you with nicotine patches and gum, and you will be able to discuss your progress with the pharmacist.



Chemists open on Sunday




Childcare Essentials

Sometimes you need a chemist open on a Sunday because you have run out of nappies or formula, or you baby is cutting a tooth and needs some pain relief. The pharmacist on duty will be able to offer guidance on what medication is safe for your child and the correct dosage they should be given. For example, you should not give medicines containing aspirin to children under the age of 12. They can also offer a consultation on common children’s ailments such as upset stomachs and coughs and colds, and will advise you if it is necessary to see a doctor.

Beauty products

When you are fortunate enough to have a chemist open on Sundays nearby, it is a good opportunity to browse their range of beauty and grooming products at a time when the shop is likely to be less crowded than during the working week.

Whatever your reason for needing to find chemists open on Sundays, it is helpful to be aware of the full range of services they can provide. Pharmacists play a key role in delivering health care and their advice and support can be invaluable in many situations when you are unable to see your GP immediately.