Car Tyres

You Do Have Options in An Emergency!

Car tyres are something which we all take for granted on a car. Slap them on, and you’re generally OK for quite some time; provided your mileage is not sky high, and you take care not to clip kerbs or potholes, car tyres can easily last up to a year, or longer for the more casual driver.

On a weekday or Saturday, if you experience a puncture, or spot baldness on your tyres, you can generally get them replaced or repaired within a few hours. However, experiencing tyre related problems on a Sunday can be a tiresome and stressful affair.


For those who can’t wait until the next day to make their trip, or work seven days a week, it can be easy to assume that their options are non existent, and very tempting to stick a spare on. However, car tyres can be repaired or replaced seven days a week, and your options are more varied than you may think.

‘High Street’ Garages

The days of mechanics and vehicle workshops opening five or six days a week are generally over. High street and chain garages very often will now open on a Sunday, albeit with marginally reduced hours of operation. Better still, unlike with mobile mechanics or repair operatives, the costs are exactly the same seven days a week.

Car tyres are generally easily replaced though, so this should not be too much of an issue. Despite this, it is always still best to ring ahead, as chains may only open a small number of their branches on Sundays, and if you own a car with a very speficic tyre profile, there is nothing worse than making the journey across your town, only to be told that your tyre is the one type that isn’t on the shelf and needs to be ordered in.

Mobile Fitting Car tyres

In such a modern age, even sellers and fitters of car tyres are now able to be booked online, with their own fitters or local appreved business making the trip to your home or place of breakdown, equipped with the tyres you car requires, and able to change or repair it on the spot.

Companies such as ‘Black Circles‘, ‘Event Tyres‘ and ‘eTyres‘ now operate across the UK, as do a number of other smaller companies. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to move your car an inch if you don’t want to. Provided that you haven’t broken down on the hard shoulder of the motorway, these companies can provide a same day service to just about anywhere in the UK, including on Sundays.

Independent Garages and Fitters

If the above options are not available to you for whatever reason, or you’re not able to get online to take advantage of mobile fitters, there are still independent garages who either operate a Sunday service, either on reduced hours, or on an ‘as needed’ basis.

The benefit of these small companies is that they’re local to you, and are often willing to go the extra mile; either by opening up as an emergency, or by coming out to you (although this often comes with an added charge for the convenience.) It may be easy to discount this as a wild goose chase and not bother calling, but if all other options have been exhausted, directory enquiries will have a wealth of local garages’ details that you can call in an emergency.

Car Tyres

Calling Your Breakdown Provider for Car tyres

Contrary to what you believe, the likes of AA, RAC and Green Flag can and do respond in cases of damaged or punctured car tyres. If you don’t have the means to get to a garage, or have a chargeable service come to your home or place or work, your breakdown recovery provider can often attend and plug punctures, or change your tyre over for you; perfect if you don’t have the tools or confidence to change it yourself.

This service will nearly always be included in the cost of your breakdown recovery, and is often easier in that you don’t have to do too much searching to find a useful phone number or someone that is open. Outside of Sunday opening hours, this will nearly always be the only option available.

The good news is that car tyres can be repaired or replaced seven days a week, regardless of where you are, regardless of whether you are still mobile or stranded.

A simple proactive search on the internet will provide you with names of companies in your home area, or the towns and cities on any trips you may be making, in order to put your mind at rest and prevent you becoming stuck in the event of a Sunday tyre crisis!